Basic sailing is done!

I have officially finished my Basic Sailing Class thanks to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center!  This is their site —>

I researched sailing classes for a little while and found that Mission Bay Aquatic was the most affordable.  My Basic Sailing class was $155, with the option of getting a discount “bundle” of 3 sailing courses for $355.  I like that I didn’t have to commit to the bundle immediately; I had the option to wait until my last basic class to decide.  I went for it, so I’ll start advanced sailing soon, then “Laser Sailing”, yeah!

Other classes that I found at different locations cost upwards of $400 for one course, which is out of my budget.

Here are some funny photos I took with my “Faux Pro” camera.  Since I need to have one hand on the tiller and one hand on the main sheet (the rope connected to the main sail) I just sort of hit the button when I could.

image image image image

Our goal was to sail around Vacation Island, an island located in Mission Bay. Parts of the bay have no speed restrictions, so we had to be aware of a number of other boaters. By the way, other boaters include: large sailboats, rented boats, motor boats, motor boats with things attached to them such as skiers and tubes with people in them, drunk boaters (or “boaters who have been having a good time”, as my instructor put it😉).   There was very little wind yesterday, and I was the only one in the class who successfully sailed around the island; everyone else hat to be towed by the instructor.

I really enjoyed the class.  We started sailing the first day and learned quickly. We focused on parts of the boat, knots, basic turns; tacking (into the wind) and jibing (with the wind at your back), as well as terminology.  Being in the water with real boaters helped me too, as opposed to being in a special section away from everyone else.  There were a number of times I felt afraid and panicked, and quite frankly wanted to get the hell out of the boat, but that quickly subsided and was replaced with pure happiness.  I love it out there!


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