Birthday Break! 🎂

imageimageimageThe last week was a little crazy for me. My boyfriend and I planned a last minute three day vacation to Catalina Island, which is an island off the coast of California.  It was a great trip!  Beautiful place, quaint town, awesome diving.

We decided to camp in order to save some money. That worked out fine except for my brand new air mattress leaking every night.  Since I plan on buying a sailboat, we talked about our next visit being on the boat(which I don’t own yet). Moorings appear to cost about $31-$35 a day for the size boat I’d like. There are long term restrictions and permit applications depending on how long you’d like to stay.  There is an anchorage spot past the moorings, and I believe the dinghy docks are free up to 14 ft.  We didn’t see any slips in any of the harbors. Our trip was to Avalon, which is the southern town on the East coast or the island.  The only other town I’m aware of is Two Harbors, which is north.

I scanned some of the craigslist boats for sale today. There are a few listed.  A couple were closer to $20,000, and some closer to $10-$15k.  I have yet to venture into my credit report and address the negative marks on there…mainly because I’ve been putting it off. Monday will be the day!!  Or Tuesday….


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