Did I mention the money part?

oh right, things cost money…

Here is a quick summary of my financial situation.  I’m 38 years old, I’ve got approximately $60,000 in student loans to pay off (mind you my first degree was conquered in 1999), my car has been paid off for almost 2 years, I rent a room in San Diego for $775/month, my utilities are about $50-$75 a month, I pick up photography jobs from time to time (the other educational debt), I don’t shop much, groceries are usually $150-$200/month.  Then the job, I work at a fine dining restaurant at a resort(thanks college).  The job is usually reliable, however, the summer season is coming to an end and our income will drop off for a few months.

I don’t have savings unfortunately.  Over the years I’ve always figured out a way to just make things work.  When my old car died I decided to buy a Mustang.  It wasn’t easy,  and it sure as hell wasn’t practical considering I lived in Philadelphia…where it snows and gets icy. Which led to me needing a car that could be driven in bad weather, so I bought an old Jeep.  I visited San Diego for Halloween in 2013 and decided that I’d like to live here, and 6 months later I was here.  None of those things just happened for me, and some made zero sense.  I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not afraid that things won’t happen, but I am concerned about the bumps along the way.


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