Slight change of plans…

I was supposed to start my Advanced Sailing course tomorrow at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center.  The course is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 9am to 12noon; for two weeks.  However, the little photography company that my boyfriend and I have has gotten a few inquiries for shoots for the next couple of Saturdays.  Sooooo, I decided to just postpone my class until October, which seems far off but it’s only a month.  The only hesitation I had was in case these people flake and cancel their shoot which means I could have taken the class anyway.  Ah well, it’ll all work out in the end.  🙂

Also, my little critter Kaleigh has had some health issues pop up.  She kept having accidents over night in her sleep despite already being on a prescription for what I can basically describe as “old lady dog pee leaks”.  I took her to the vet (who happens to be my roommate), and she had some bloodwork run.  Turns out the poor thing had a bladder infection.  She went on antibiotics for 10 days.  That whole shabang set me back about $300 or so.  I should get an ultrasound or and x-ray done to check for bladder stones…but realistically I won’t put her into surgery even if there were any since she’s already 15 years old.  Otherwise, she’s in rather good health.  Although, yesterday she struggled to stand, but she had gone on a nice walk the night before.  I’m just hoping there’s nothing awful brewing in there.

She had a walk tonight and did quite well.  Yay Kaleigh!  Oh, and the name of our photography company is Pinpoint Photo San DIego, which can be found at  It’s a work in progress.  IMG_0041

….she’s a happy little lady!


2 thoughts on “Slight change of plans…

  1. What a coincidence- I also have a photographer in my life and an elderly pet with the beginnings of elderly issues.
    My husband’s portfolio is and he owns a rental studio near DC, I love unexpectedly running into other photographers!
    Do you have another link for your work? This one is not working.

    My cat is 16 with a brain tumor, seizures and lymphoma. That means $100 in fancy medications per month but when you have a friend for 16 years who’s in his 80’s in person years, you take care of them!

    I was going to respond to your other post with the boat links. I have not been on a ton of sailboats. Getting a freezer would be a luxury. Our cat has a dorm sized fridge and the little freezer can fit some ice trays and a stack of burgers. I can’t get rid of the ice trays because of my husband’s penchant for Irish whiskey on the rocks so I will need to come up with creative ideas for food storage when we’re ready for cruising.

    It’s exiting thinking about getting a new boat that you will call home soon and I will be keeping an eye out. Take pics when you go to visit them!

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    • I just started to reply to your comment and my app closed, so you may get a double of this message, haha.
      I was just saying that your cat must be very happy to have you as an owner/buddy/fur momma…it’s not easy to care for critters once health issues arise. Kaleigh had what appeared to be doggie vertigo about a year ago and I was hysterical all night…and my roommate is a veterinarian, despite her evaluating the problem and giving me a plan for the next morning I was still a wreck.
      So our photography site should be able to be found at The one with the “sandiego” part should redirect to the photoshelter, but I always forget which one has sd or San Diego….how professional of me…geez!
      I’m going to check out your husbands link now. I think there’s a connection between liveaboard and photographers, I’ve discovered another blog with the same combo, cool!
      Have a great weekend,



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