The cart before the horse…

…or the boat before the sail??  I’m not sure how to switch that to a nautical term, but by both land and sea I tend to get ahead of myself.  My boyfriend pointed this out when after only minutes of first discussing the liveaboard idea I was trying to figure out a clever name for the boat I didn’t own and how I could get a plaid sail.  Must. Learn.  Priorities!!

So while I’m still procrastinating the potentially week to month long task of sorting out discrepancies on my credit report, I’m trying to simply peruse for sale boats for research purposes only and not go for a quick purchase since the largest boat I’ve sailed is a sabot.  And, since transitioning from land to sea isn’t a large enough endeavor, I’m also searching for a new job.

These two choices will each have bearing on whether or not I can sell my car for money to put towards the boat.  I’ve had the car for almost 8 years, and I don’t need to get rid of it, it works fine (knock on wood), and I have no desire to buy another car, but it’s sort of in its “now or never” era of being worth anything.  It’s an ’06 mustang convertible with a little bit of scraping here and there. And some weird things here and there…but 90% of the car is totally fine.

I’ve also started a free sewing class held in North Park in connection with the local community college.  My boyfriend surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday, so I’d like to learn how to use it properly. I already make little things once in a while by hand…the machine would make things much easier.  I have an etsy shop…which has yet to sell even one item.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested: well it’s not a link, the shop is called “SoCalGoodies”. And why is that the name?  I have no idea, but all the names I wanted were taken, so that’s how it ended up, haha.

And yes there maybe a slight chance that I also got all into the sewing world because I want to make things for the boat…

More to come, soon I hope!!


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