The story of the capsize test…

So for our last Advanced sailing class we had to capsize our little 14 ft sailboats.  We had two people to a boat.  We knew ahead of time that this would be part of our final class, so we all wore “water ready” clothes.  And to anyone outside of San Diego the water, even today, which is over a week since this class happened, is more than comfortable as its been hovering around 70 degrees…but for for some reason that morning it felt so cold!

We ,of course, wear life vests and also have two instructors overseeing our drills in motorboats.  The instructors explained and demonstrated how to “right” the boat.  Seemed like something we could all do…get up on the center board and pull on the jib sheet while leaning all the way back.  Then your partner holds the mast out of the water and pushes it up until it gets some momentum…then they swim over to the boat and get scooped in.

Not. That. Easy.

For me anyway.  Holy cow was that a challenge!!  My partner Victoria and I got on the starboard side of our little boat, leaned over and there she went!  We were in the water.  She swam to the mast to keep it from going under and I swam around to get on the centerboard.  “This will be easy, just pull yourself up and grab the rope”.  That’s what my naive little brain said.  A: I’m not a 16yr old athlete anymore.  B: that thing is way higher out of the water than I realized.  C: it’s freakin’ slippery!!!

What an adventure that was!  I kept slipping off, not even getting close to hoisting myself all the way up.  I kept yelling “I’m really trying, I swear!”   

The other option is to use the interior of the now sideways boat as a sort of slippery ladder and climb up and over the side of the boat to land on the centerboard.  So there I went.  The first few tries were fruitless, until I finally got out of the water and up on the mast.  Not knowing exactly what to hold on to, I reached for something , slipped and cracked my foot off the mast. Photo is below, ouch!   I managed to get back up and get on the centerboard.   With a strong pull on the jib sheet the mast slowly began to come out of the water and up.  But then I fell off.   In the damn water again!   Back around, up, over, on, sheet, lean back, and here it comes, hooray!  Boat’s up again!

Aw crap, now we have to get in the damn thing.  The whole “scoop method” didn’t pan out for us.  After about 5 minutes I managed to get over the side and grab a tie down (I forgot what it’s called) and oh so gracefully flop in like an exhausted overweight fish.  Then I helped Victoria in.  We did it!!

And here’s my foot….

  It was great and I’m so happy I took the class.  On to the next one!


Baja-Ha Ha…I want to do this next year!!
Did that show up?  If it did not, there is an annual event which starts here in San Diego called the Baja Ha Ha.  It began today and takes two weeks.  It is a rally to cabo San Lucas with two stops along the way in Turtle bay and Bahia Santa Maria.  The cost is $375 and you need an ocean capable boat 27ft or greater, plus a total crew of a least 3. I may have phrased that wrong, so at least 3 people who can sail. 

Sounds like fun!  I’m already making a list of supplies…for the boat I haven’t bought yet.  

Looks like the cart is way out in front of the horse again…

Hobie-Cat or Laser??

Hello and good morning (with 10 minutes of morning left) from sunny San Diego!!

I have officially passed my Advanced Sailing course at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, hooray!  And since I tend to do things out of order I’ll make another post to tell that story. 😬. 

I purchased their 3 course deal, which was $350 total.  Normally each course within the first tier would be $155…so I saved some money!  

I now have to decide which class to take for my third course, Hobie Cat or Laser.  The Hobie is a 16 ft catamaran, which is a style of boat I’ve never been on. The Laser is like a super fast sabot, at least that’s what it looks like to me. On one hand I’d like to learn more about one manned sailing because that will give me more experience on my own. And on the other hand, I’d like to learn about the catamaran so I have a more diverse understanding of sailing.  Our instructor spoke briefly about local crew opportunities on boats, and how we can gain more knowledge and skill by essentially interning or getting paid rather little to help out on a crew. I feel like a Hobie cat style of boating would be more likely to need help than a regular sailboat. 

So we’ll see, at first I was convinced I’d take the Laser course, but now the whole Hobie concept has found its way into my decision making process and it sounds cool too…decisions decisions!!

Have a lovely day in, out of and on the water,


Oh my goodness it’s been a while!

Hello out there!

I haven’t been making much progress on the “project liveaboard” front.   I’m currently trying to sort out a couple of debts I may be able to shift around and pay less in the long run but have to wait longer for a boat.  I owe the IRS a little bit o’ money and their penalties and charges basically negate each payment.  If I pay it off on my credit card I’ll avoid the penalties but my overall credit balance will skyrocket past the desirable loan friendly 33%.  I think I’ll end up taking care of the IRS and then have to wait a little longer to get my credit balance back down and in contention for a boat loan. 

In non-money news, I have completed 2 days of Advanced Sailing at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. For this course we are on 14 ft sailboats which have a main sail and a jib.  

Fun fact: I didn’t know what the front sail was called before or what it did.  It seems to be a boomless sail which can catch more wind for your boat.  

For this class each boat needs 2 people.  On the plus side we begin to learn how to work with a “crew” while sailing; and on the negative side if your crew consists of a trust fund adult who “just wants to go fast” and not use proper terminology or use the parts of the boat properly to navigate it can be a bit frustrating.  I still like it obviously, I just need to get a different partner this weekend!

Here’s a quick photo I took of the cove while I was waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up….parking is a beast on the weekends!