Oh my goodness it’s been a while!

Hello out there!

I haven’t been making much progress on the “project liveaboard” front.   I’m currently trying to sort out a couple of debts I may be able to shift around and pay less in the long run but have to wait longer for a boat.  I owe the IRS a little bit o’ money and their penalties and charges basically negate each payment.  If I pay it off on my credit card I’ll avoid the penalties but my overall credit balance will skyrocket past the desirable loan friendly 33%.  I think I’ll end up taking care of the IRS and then have to wait a little longer to get my credit balance back down and in contention for a boat loan. 

In non-money news, I have completed 2 days of Advanced Sailing at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. For this course we are on 14 ft sailboats which have a main sail and a jib.  

Fun fact: I didn’t know what the front sail was called before or what it did.  It seems to be a boomless sail which can catch more wind for your boat.  

For this class each boat needs 2 people.  On the plus side we begin to learn how to work with a “crew” while sailing; and on the negative side if your crew consists of a trust fund adult who “just wants to go fast” and not use proper terminology or use the parts of the boat properly to navigate it can be a bit frustrating.  I still like it obviously, I just need to get a different partner this weekend!

Here’s a quick photo I took of the cove while I was waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up….parking is a beast on the weekends!



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