Hobie-Cat or Laser??

Hello and good morning (with 10 minutes of morning left) from sunny San Diego!!

I have officially passed my Advanced Sailing course at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, hooray!  And since I tend to do things out of order I’ll make another post to tell that story. 😬. 

I purchased their 3 course deal, which was $350 total.  Normally each course within the first tier would be $155…so I saved some money!  

I now have to decide which class to take for my third course, Hobie Cat or Laser.  The Hobie is a 16 ft catamaran, which is a style of boat I’ve never been on. The Laser is like a super fast sabot, at least that’s what it looks like to me. On one hand I’d like to learn more about one manned sailing because that will give me more experience on my own. And on the other hand, I’d like to learn about the catamaran so I have a more diverse understanding of sailing.  Our instructor spoke briefly about local crew opportunities on boats, and how we can gain more knowledge and skill by essentially interning or getting paid rather little to help out on a crew. I feel like a Hobie cat style of boating would be more likely to need help than a regular sailboat. 

So we’ll see, at first I was convinced I’d take the Laser course, but now the whole Hobie concept has found its way into my decision making process and it sounds cool too…decisions decisions!!

Have a lovely day in, out of and on the water,



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