Gotta roll before you float!

Or park in this particular situation.

Hello out there!

I’ve got a couple of options on the closer side of the far horizon.  Guess what it all revolves around….money!!!  And a little bit of creativity.

Part one of rolling into the sea:  I might live in an RV for a few months.  I may have a fantastic option on my hands.  My boyfriend Brent has a nice sized backyard and he offered me some space to park an RV and just contribute to utilties and some of the rent.  My only other living bill would be towards the RV loan.  I wouldn’t spend over $6,000 on an RV, which I would sell once I’ve saved enough for the sailboat.  And since rent in San Diego seldom drops below $600 for a shared living situation, and single occupancy is closer to $1,000; spending about $300 a month to live on wheels doesn’t seem so  bad.

Plus…I’d be in Pacific Beach, only 2 miles from work, I’ll still have my car and I can get used to smalled liviing.  I’d be parked right next to the garden…which means morning tea by the garden!!

My other glimmer of hope is the development of my website for selling my crochet and sewing creations. A woman….trying to sell crafty things????  You don’t say!!!     If you are in San Diego this Sunday between noon-7pm come by Bar Pink for their annual Barzaar.  They let locals come in and sell their creations.  Bar Pink is located on 30th St at University in North Park.

I also started an Etsy shop;   (I think that’s the link) 

Hope you are well and floating!!


Here are a couple of my new ones:     


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