Wait ’till next year…

Get it?   Cause it’s in like 30 hours…yes I’m a dork.

I haven’t posted very much as I’ve been a little scattered as the year comes to an end.  I’m feeling frustrated that my focus is finding at least one new job to catch up to and stay atop my existing bills.  And also frustrated that my current job has slowed down so much that the thought of saving for a sailboat seems more like a fairy tale than an exciting goal.  

Hope is certainly not lost, just scampering over the horizon, popping up to remind me it’s there and then drifting off.  I hope to have a boat by the end of spring.  My main issues still are lowering my current rent by moving temporarily or buying a cheap RV to park in my boyfriends yard.  Fancy, I know.  

I am focusing on my little crochet world.  I had a table at a local bars “Barzaar”, which they hold right before Christmas for locals to sell their creations.  It was fun but not very lucrative.  I’ve decided to narrow down what will sell better than others and get all of my ducks in a row with photographs, aftercare instructions and pricing; then roll everything out in the new year….which is in less than 2 days!

Hope you all have a safe and funky new yeas!!



2 thoughts on “Wait ’till next year…

  1. Speaking of crafting, I’m a knitter. My husband and I have cruising plans in our future and I came up with the bright idea of making and selling crocheted bikinis. In theory it sounds great, something to do while underway on long passages. In reality, need to learn to crochet first hahaha.

    I hope your New Years is great!

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    • I think that sounds like a great idea! I want to try to make bikinis too, but haven’t gotten there yet. I bet crochet would be easy for you if you can already knit. I’m the opposite, I want to learn how to knit but it looks so much harder!
      Have a happy new year!!!1

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