Hello from savings limbo…

I noticed a voicemail on my phone this morning.  It was from a person I interviewed with a few days ago at a Westin Hotel in town.  The position was for a server in the hotels restaurant.

  Some good things about the position:  it’s within Starwood, a huge company across the world with hundreds of locations and growth potential; benefits; corporate structure;  the staff is unionized, therefore seniority is rewarded with schedule preference; discounted hotel stays within Starwood locations…and other perks I’m sure.    

For some reason I’m not enthused at all.  The restaurant itself seemed below par; it’s just a basic Italian/American blend of rather lower priced items.  I’ve worked for years in more fine dining and am used to working with a strong and talented kitchen.  I know…it’s just a server job, but when you’ve been doing it as long as I have (unfortunately) these things are very crucial to making money.  The higher the price of the food the higher the check, thus the higher the tip potential.  

Also..the interview was kind of insulting.  They ask things such as “can you smile for 8 hours straight?”, and “can you work with a team?”.  There were others, but I’ve already forgotten.  Quite frankly if I see any human in any circumstance just smiling wildly for seemingly no apparent reason I become concerned for their mental health.

Also again; it’s union…which is great for the people going on their 20th anniversary…not so good for a newbie.  I might be working Sunday and Monday nights only for the next six months but will be required to have full availability.  

I haven’t called back yet, but I think I’ll turn the job down if they offer.  I’m going to hold out for the Italian restaurant in La Jolla…the one that isn’t open yet…how’s that for rolling the dice!?

Here’s a photo of my current crochet creation and a link to my Instagram if anyone would like to take a look..


Hope all is well out there!  I can’t wait to start looking at boats…maybe in February!!



Some things I’ve been working on…

I’ve been trying to keep busy.  We’ve had some bad weather move through San Diego and I don’t quite know what to do with myself…besides crochet like a maniac.

Hopefully I can sell these things, they sure are taking up a lot of space in my closet!!

I’ve been scanning the sailboat listings, and a couple stood out to me, but nothing I’ve made contact about.

Yet again my hours have been cut at work.  I’ve only worked one day out of the weeks schedule.  How is no one doing anything about this precedent setting slow season??  I work at a resort, in a city, by the ocean…

I know that the ideal weather has passed, but the management seems intent on not spending money to advertise or make any effort to let the public know we exist.  It’s very frustrating.  They think that relying on social media is a feasible way to generate business.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gone to facebook to find a nice place to eat when I want to spend over $50 a person.

Anyway, I had an interview at an Italian place which is yet to open in La Jolla.  Hopefully that will get rolling soon.  In the meantime…here are my yarn creations.  I’m still working on that bikini pattern!

Visit my Etsy shop if you’d like!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/offtheboat

Have a great day!


Hello from sunny San Di….nope not today, hi from the couch.

Well, El Niño has arrived.  We have about two weeks of rain coming through Southern California, and snow in the mountains, yikes!  Didn’t I drive 3000 miles to escape all of this??  It’s actually great for this area, since we’re in a severe drought.  The garden will be so happy!

My RV vs Sailboat right away dilemma may have been decided for me.  My boyfriends landlord has put his friends fishing boat in the backyard where the RV would go. And the boat is WAY bigger than what Brent had agreed to.  And it’s plugged in to the house electric supply.  Most likely this situation won’t go well,  so the thought of the boat being booted and me tying to just shimmy on in with a motorhome probably won’t jive too well.  That’s fine.  I’m now full steam ahead for the sailboat.  

There’s some sort of paradox going on in the yard; my decision to get an RV to save for a sailboat was nixed by a boat where the RV would go.  My brain hurts…

Also, I had an interview in La Jolla today at a soon to be Italian restaurant.  The interior is being finished now, and they will send out emails in two weeks to alert the staff of when it will all start rolling.  I think I got the job, which I will try to split with my current job.  I’d rather work two jobs like a maniac to save boat money, then cut back to one full time when I decide which is best.  The neighborhood La Jolla is a place I’d heard of years prior to even thinking of moving.  Let’s just say that a Bentley convertible is kind of Ho-hum up there.  So me and my noisy 2006 mustang don’t turn many heads, haha.  It’s beautiful up there, and chock full of the rich people…which is great for business! 

More to come soon, but in the meantime here’s a photo from the couch…brrrr!