Some things I’ve been working on…

I’ve been trying to keep busy.  We’ve had some bad weather move through San Diego and I don’t quite know what to do with myself…besides crochet like a maniac.

Hopefully I can sell these things, they sure are taking up a lot of space in my closet!!

I’ve been scanning the sailboat listings, and a couple stood out to me, but nothing I’ve made contact about.

Yet again my hours have been cut at work.  I’ve only worked one day out of the weeks schedule.  How is no one doing anything about this precedent setting slow season??  I work at a resort, in a city, by the ocean…

I know that the ideal weather has passed, but the management seems intent on not spending money to advertise or make any effort to let the public know we exist.  It’s very frustrating.  They think that relying on social media is a feasible way to generate business.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gone to facebook to find a nice place to eat when I want to spend over $50 a person.

Anyway, I had an interview at an Italian place which is yet to open in La Jolla.  Hopefully that will get rolling soon.  In the meantime…here are my yarn creations.  I’m still working on that bikini pattern!

Visit my Etsy shop if you’d like!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Some things I’ve been working on…

  1. Your work is beautiful. Do you have any small business boutiques or consignment shops in your area? I recently shopped around a number of knit scarves and every place said they would take them but I ran out after the Xmas gifts were given out.
    The elusive crochet bikini… I’m deciding whether it’s better left to girls in hot pants on roller blades, if it actually exists outside of pinup posters from the 70’s, or whether it could actually be a thing…


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