Hello from savings limbo…

I noticed a voicemail on my phone this morning.  It was from a person I interviewed with a few days ago at a Westin Hotel in town.  The position was for a server in the hotels restaurant.

  Some good things about the position:  it’s within Starwood, a huge company across the world with hundreds of locations and growth potential; benefits; corporate structure;  the staff is unionized, therefore seniority is rewarded with schedule preference; discounted hotel stays within Starwood locations…and other perks I’m sure.    

For some reason I’m not enthused at all.  The restaurant itself seemed below par; it’s just a basic Italian/American blend of rather lower priced items.  I’ve worked for years in more fine dining and am used to working with a strong and talented kitchen.  I know…it’s just a server job, but when you’ve been doing it as long as I have (unfortunately) these things are very crucial to making money.  The higher the price of the food the higher the check, thus the higher the tip potential.  

Also..the interview was kind of insulting.  They ask things such as “can you smile for 8 hours straight?”, and “can you work with a team?”.  There were others, but I’ve already forgotten.  Quite frankly if I see any human in any circumstance just smiling wildly for seemingly no apparent reason I become concerned for their mental health.

Also again; it’s union…which is great for the people going on their 20th anniversary…not so good for a newbie.  I might be working Sunday and Monday nights only for the next six months but will be required to have full availability.  

I haven’t called back yet, but I think I’ll turn the job down if they offer.  I’m going to hold out for the Italian restaurant in La Jolla…the one that isn’t open yet…how’s that for rolling the dice!?

Here’s a photo of my current crochet creation and a link to my Instagram if anyone would like to take a look..


Hope all is well out there!  I can’t wait to start looking at boats…maybe in February!!



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