Hello from the Rolando Street Fair!

I’m a terrible blogger…

I haven’t had anything intersting going on in the world of sailing or potential sailing.  I have an interview tomorrow for a second job…maybe this one will work and I can save up for the boat!

Today I have a little space at a local street fair.  My first observation: this is a long damn day.   Holy moly, I didn’t realize what I was getting into!  We started setting up at 8/8:30 am.  This goes until 6pm…then we have to wait to get our cars pulled up to our space.   And I had about  5 hours sleep.   

My second observation:  I need more printed material!  Signs, photos of the products being used, clothing on a person…all sorts of things.  I tend wait until the last minute for everything, and today was no exception.  I could also use a couple of shelves or tables.   

Yet another observation: I should have brought a cooler with snacks and water.  Holy moly, I’m a thirsty reason.  And I also love snacks.

Here’s a photo of my little space

Well, that’s the view from my chair.  I’m exhausted, haha.  

I haven’t sold a thing.   Oh well, I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience.  


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