Some things I know…

As the days I have in my current home dwindle down I’ve been having some trouble sleeping.  My 5 month plan is to move in with my boyfriend for the summer and then buy my boat after I’ve saved up some money…hopefully about $5,000.  That’s not a huge amount of money for most people, but for me that would be 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of a boat I will buy.  

The temporary move with Brent isn’t exactly a bad deal regardless of my future goals…he lives in Pacific Beach here in San Diego about a mile from the ocean.  I spend a lot of time there already.  We have our garden…which seems to produce cilantro at a relentless pace.  He rents a nice sized house which is big enough to store some things I may not be able to take on the boat.

So here are the things I know:

  • I’m feeling scared and excited.   
  • I wake up at night thinking I’m crazy for wanting to live on a boat.
  •   I’m almost 40 (yikes), I don’t own anything besides my 10yr old Mustang and some camera gear.  
  • I fully understand that this may be a horrible investment which may create a more dire financial situation for me.
  • I don’t want to get rid of everything.
  • I don’t want “stuff”.
  • I can’t afford a house in Southern California 
  • I don’t want to move back to Philadelphia.
  • I don’t want to take the easy route.
  • I’m in a perfect situation to do this.
  • My boyfriend (Brent)is supportive and that helps.
  • Brent used to clean underneath boats professionally and can help me with mine.
  • I have free storage for some of my things at Brent’s house.
  • I want my own space.
  • It will be hard.
  • Things will go wrong.
  • It will be expensive 
  • I can’t wait!

With all of that said, I found this really helpful book:  

I’m only abut 30 pages in but it’s already so informative!

So I’m not going into this totally alone.  And I don’t know how to sail a keelboat yet.   I may not be the “real” liveaboard, but I’m getting there.


Bad weather in San Diego…what??

Well it happened…four days of rain and unpredictable wind here in San Diego.  My last 2 Hobie Cat classes have been canceled.  But the Mission Bay Aquatic Center is great about it; I can either retake the next Hobie class in it’s entirety, take the last classes of the next class, or get my money back.  I’m obviously not going for the last option. Most likely I’ll take all 4.  I really liked my group though, but meeting new people within the learning to sail world is always great.  I wonder if there’s some sort of online community of people who have taken these courses and would like to rent boats together in the future.  If I had any technological skills I’d figure out a way to do that…but I’m not, so maybe I’ll leave an email list…haha.

I am happy that they canceled it, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about going out in the bad weather.

So soon enough I’ll be moving up to the keel boats, just a little bit more off.

Hope all are doing well!!!


Hobie classes are underway!


I have officially begun my Hobie Cat classes at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, man those things are fast!

We had 2 classes so far and now there are 2 to go.  They are 16 foot boats, and we have been going with 3 people to a team.  Jibing (gybing?) is really scary the first few times.  These boats have an awkward tiller that sort of goes behind the traveler when you tack or jibe.  It’s manageable, but a little messy to start!

Oh and did I mention that it’s a wee bit chilly out on the bay this time of year??  We all wore shorts and tank tops…then we all got doused on a good beat, and then shivered the rest of class.  This Saturday we have another capsize test, I’m not concerned with righting the boat, I just don’t want to freeze!  

Here’s a quick couple of photos. Maybe I’ll bring my fake go pro this weekend.