Bad weather in San Diego…what??

Well it happened…four days of rain and unpredictable wind here in San Diego.  My last 2 Hobie Cat classes have been canceled.  But the Mission Bay Aquatic Center is great about it; I can either retake the next Hobie class in it’s entirety, take the last classes of the next class, or get my money back.  I’m obviously not going for the last option. Most likely I’ll take all 4.  I really liked my group though, but meeting new people within the learning to sail world is always great.  I wonder if there’s some sort of online community of people who have taken these courses and would like to rent boats together in the future.  If I had any technological skills I’d figure out a way to do that…but I’m not, so maybe I’ll leave an email list…haha.

I am happy that they canceled it, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about going out in the bad weather.

So soon enough I’ll be moving up to the keel boats, just a little bit more off.

Hope all are doing well!!!



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