Some things I know…

As the days I have in my current home dwindle down I’ve been having some trouble sleeping.  My 5 month plan is to move in with my boyfriend for the summer and then buy my boat after I’ve saved up some money…hopefully about $5,000.  That’s not a huge amount of money for most people, but for me that would be 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of a boat I will buy.  

The temporary move with Brent isn’t exactly a bad deal regardless of my future goals…he lives in Pacific Beach here in San Diego about a mile from the ocean.  I spend a lot of time there already.  We have our garden…which seems to produce cilantro at a relentless pace.  He rents a nice sized house which is big enough to store some things I may not be able to take on the boat.

So here are the things I know:

  • I’m feeling scared and excited.   
  • I wake up at night thinking I’m crazy for wanting to live on a boat.
  •   I’m almost 40 (yikes), I don’t own anything besides my 10yr old Mustang and some camera gear.  
  • I fully understand that this may be a horrible investment which may create a more dire financial situation for me.
  • I don’t want to get rid of everything.
  • I don’t want “stuff”.
  • I can’t afford a house in Southern California 
  • I don’t want to move back to Philadelphia.
  • I don’t want to take the easy route.
  • I’m in a perfect situation to do this.
  • My boyfriend (Brent)is supportive and that helps.
  • Brent used to clean underneath boats professionally and can help me with mine.
  • I have free storage for some of my things at Brent’s house.
  • I want my own space.
  • It will be hard.
  • Things will go wrong.
  • It will be expensive 
  • I can’t wait!

With all of that said, I found this really helpful book:  

I’m only abut 30 pages in but it’s already so informative!

So I’m not going into this totally alone.  And I don’t know how to sail a keelboat yet.   I may not be the “real” liveaboard, but I’m getting there.


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