The road just got a little longer…

Just got off the phone with a boat loan company.  They need 30% down…which I don’t have.

This whole dream may not happen.  Kind of feels like a lifetime of bad financial decisions (college) and mediocre employment have caught up with me.  It’s beyond frustrating.  These stupid college loans have been shaping my life since I graduated…yet the education isn’t.  I know that there are a bunch of sites and articles and petitions about this topic, but nothing gets accomplished.  I’m almost 40 and I have a ridiculous amount of loans which only go up in amount despite my paying on time every single month.  What’s the point?   The education is worthless.  The payments make no impact.  This is why I want to go to Mexico.

I’m someone who has always had at least one job.  I work all the time, and the job stinks.  I’ve been a server since I was 21, and in very nice places.  But it doesn’t help when you go to a bank no matter what you make…it’s part time and variable.

Not sure what I’m going to do now.  Pretty frustrated.  I still have sailing class this Sunday, and after I’ll start my cruising course.

Wait til next year I suppose…


9 thoughts on “The road just got a little longer…

      • I would like to check out some crew positions. I’m still learning where to look and what qualifications I need. My boat broker is actually a captain and takes his boat out for charters, I may get to work a few times with him. I also want to take my keel boat test before I get started. I’ve finished the classes, finally!

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  1. What are you looking for in a boat? If your looking for a coastal cruiser type boat, to head to Mexico in you could find a smaller boat, that still meets most of your wickets. Once your down in Mexico, there is bound to be someone that has tired from the lifestyle and maybe able to pick up a nicer boat for less cash.

    Once your living on the boat, you can drop the expensive land rent, live at a marina for a year to get to know the boat, and get your name on a waiting list for a mooring. Once your there, your cost to live will drop like a rock, unless San Diego gets feisty and raises the rate of those, but it is around 150 a month for a mooring. Chula Vista marina is about 750 a month for 30ft boat and live aboard fee.

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    • I’m looking for a 30 to 40 ft sailboat for under $40k for a liveaboard. I didn’t realize moorings were so expensive. Mexico may be the next option. I have a broker I’m working with, he’s been great so far. Thanks for the advice!!


    • 750 for the marina for a 30ft boat. Still that is pretty cheap for San Diego, best I’ve found is what I’ve got which is twice that + the boat in the marina fee.

      The moorings are super cheap, one of the news stations here did some special report on them. What what i took from it was that they thought that 150 a month for living “downtown on the water” was much to cheap, and it should cost more, because owning a boat, instead of a house or renting was looked down on. With living on a mooring, there are other things to consider though, as there is no parking, it becomes street parking, you will also not have a means to fill the tanks, and or pump the tanks, without moving the boat, and would also need a pretty decent setup for solar, or lots of burning fuel to keep up with the power demand.

      If you want to go even cheaper then 150, you can harbor hop, with zungia anchoring. Mission bay is 3 days a week (any day of the week), Glorietta bay and La playa are Friday to Monday, with some random restrictions. But it would go something like La playa (Friday-Monday), then Zungia (Monday to Tuesday) Mission bay/Mariners Basin (Tuesday-Friday) Then to Glorietta Bay (Friday-Monday) repeat with switching off of La palya, and Glorietta bay. This would be a total PITA, but it would be free.

      If you register your boat out of San Diego County, you can also stay up to 90 days/year in the Cruiser Anchorage, east of harbor island.

      Good luck in the search, and i Hope you find what your looking for. I’m working on my Catalina 30, trying to get it setup to live aboard in November.


      • It’s not out of the question! This is very helpful information, thank you so much! I don’t know why the whole liveaboard lifestyle isn’t embraced, especially in San Diego!


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