“Si Yes Da”…more like “No No No”. The boat search continues.

Well, I just wasted $1500 I desperately need.  I have walked away from the 31ft Sea Ray Sundancer named “Si Yes Da”.  I’m actually happy about it.  The owner was not willing to acknowledge the fact that the boat needs a ton of repairs (over $17k worth), and wouldn’t budge on the price.  So, I’m certainly not going to spend $30k on a boat which doesn’t work properly that I will have to spend an additional $17k to get it up to where it should be.  The owner spent money on custom beverage napkins and pillows with the boats name on them, probably should have spent more on the engines and connected the bonding wires.  With those disconnected, the boat can actually damage other boats in the marina.  What a mess.  And now, since we’ve disclosed all of the problems, he legally has to disclose the issues in his listing.  Priorities will come back to haunt you…spend less on show and more on function.  Who knows the fate of the boat.  I wish it worked out!

Now that that’s all in the past I’ve begun to scramble for another boat.  My loan is only approved for so long, and I have a slip ready to go at the beginning of December.  I looked at a sedan with a flybridge.  It was a 1990, pretty cool layout.  Initially I was super interested in this one.  The next day we looked at two express cruisers.  One was a Maxum, the other was a Bayliner Cierra.  Both were 30ft, both were late 90’s, both were in very good condition.  The Cierra edged out the Magnum mostly because of the condition the engines were in…a compression test was being done when we looked at the boat.  One feature that I really like which they both had was the walk through access from the cockpit to the bow.  Both cruisers had touchscreen navigation, and electric controls.  I think that the cruiser would be easier to learn how to drive as opposed to the flybridge sedan.

Pictures below have little descriptions.


Nice sitting area on the sedan flybridge Bayliner


Rear deck and ladder on sedan flybridge Bayliner


The spacious galley


Maxum interior


Maxum interior


Maxum berth


Maxum galley, nice storage!


Maxum center access to bow from cockpit


Cierra center access from cockpit


Cierra controls


Cierra berth


Cierra interior salon


Cierra galley, a little less storage but still very nice.


3 thoughts on ““Si Yes Da”…more like “No No No”. The boat search continues.

  1. So what is the priority that your heading after? After all, boats are just compromises, on what your after?

    If your willing to some work, there are some boats that make a bit of sense, but generally, if your not willing to do the work youself, it usually makes more sense to spend more on a better condition boat, but that may mean smaller.

    I, myself, was looking for a sailboat, skipped the survey, and bought off of Craigslist, a sailboat in San Pedro, and sailed it to Chula vista. It has it’s problems, but to me, the additional cost vs the learning how to correct the issues, and build it to suit my needs and wants, out weighs the additional cost of have bought a turn key boat with a loan. This mind set, to me, allows me to be able to know how to fix problems when I run across them, and not near somewhere that has someone that wants money to fix the problem. Which leads back to the first question, of what is it your after?

    If your wanting to see a/my Catalina 30, let me know, as i think it is a good sized boat for the size, and what it is “suppose to do”.


    • Originally I had a plan similar to your sailboat story. I’m very interested to learn about boats by necessity of repair and upkeep. However, all of the variables of my living and financial situations are at their limit. I don’t have enough money to buy a boat outright, even an older one. Since I have to get a loan, I’d prefer to get a boat that’s a little newer and not need to spend more cash right out of the gates. I’d love to have a sailboat, but that’ll be the next boat. It took a while to convert to the power boat option, but for my needs I think it will be a great starter boat. I’m still going to finish my sailing courses and hopefully sail with some neighbors. I looked at a really nice center cockpit sailboat down at the Chula Vista Marina and thought that was a great facility. If I still had my car I’d be interested in getting a slip there. But I have a scooter now, and that’d be a hell of a drive to La Jolla for work! This whole boat world is a learning process for me…I’m enjoying but trying to take it one step at time. Do you come up for the parade of lights?


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