A little medical history…

I haven’t been the most diligent blogger about my boating journey.  Before I got my boat I planned to document everything…and share every few days…I thought I’d make this great story to help others and show what’s involved with buying a boat.  Well, some of that made it to the interwebs.  Sadly, a lot is still on the editing table.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had sleep/fatigue issues.  I am always, and I’m not exaggerating, I am always exhausted.  I know, people have it a lot worse than me.  People actually do things and become drained.

Fourth grade is the first time I can recall being called out about it.  Kids made fun of me because I was seemingly half asleep at times in class.  I’d get a pass to the bathroom just to sit and close my eyes for 10 minutes.  I’ve always been late because I can’t get out of bed.  I take naps when I should be getting ready to go to work.  I’ve not applied myself fully because it’s challenging to focus when I feel like I’ll just fall over asleep.  It’s not narcolepsy, or multiple personalities.  My doctors have run every test and they all come back normal.  It’s “chronic fatigue”, and it sucks.  Maybe it’s connected to chronic migraines, maybe not.  Whenever I want to do anything I’m so overwhelmed with exhaustion I have to lie down.  Like right now.  It’s annoying and embarrassing.  I miss out on quite a bit in life because I never have the energy to go do things.  When I do have energy I try to do all the things I should have already accomplished all at the same time knowing that my energy won’t last.  I’ve never had a 9-5 desk job because I know I’ll fall asleep or need to close my eyes.  The only job I’ve consistently had over the years is a server, which both makes sense and doesn’t.  I’m forced to stand up and move about so I can’t get comfortable and nap…but I also don’t have the energy all the time to do a good job.

Just now I had to stop and lie down.  Then I start some other project.  Then come back to this one.  It’s a very unfocused way of going about my day.

I’ve always felt like a pest or a crybaby if I vocalized how I was feeling.  “Oh you’re tired??”   People just thought I was lazy.  I thought I was lazy.  I know people who have raised a child while working and attending college…if they weren’t tired what right do I have to say that I am??

I’ve only recently begun seeing doctors for this.  It’s ridiculous.  I get nothing done and I never finish what I start.  I’m on one medication now, which doesn’t seem to be helping.

But I love boating.  I love my boat and this new world I am in.  And I want to share everything and make helpful videos.  So if you enjoy my posts, hopefully there will be a lot more!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

See you at sea 🙂


Almost 3 months in…

Some days I think I’m a crazy person and have made a horrible decision.  What kind of person decides to live on a boat??  Then there are days that I absolutely love it and can not imagine going back to living on the land.  I have moments of panic thinking “people don’t live on express cruisers”, and that I should have stuck it out for a sailboat.  However, it wasn’t in the cards at that time.  I had to live somewhere.  And as a person with no day to day sailboat experience, it’s a better decision to buy a newer cruiser and ease into the nautical life.  For me at least.

I’m not a “full time” live aboard as I do spend time at my boyfriends house.  He comes to the boat a couple nights, I’ll be here by myself a couple nights, and then I go there a couple nights.  I call my boat home and prefer to spend my time here.

There has been a bit of adjusting.  It only took a few days to figure out how to ninja and matrix myself around so I don’t trip and fall or just crack my head off something.  Deciding which berth to use as my main bed took a couple weeks.  I’m still sorting out how to fit everything in here and not have a mess.  I’m still learning to be comfortable in such a small living space.  My boat is 30ft at the waterline with an 11ft beam, so 330 square feet (right?).  I have a full canvas enclosure for the cockpit/back area, which is fantastic.  I can use that section as my living room as soon as the weather gets just a few degrees warmer.

I have everything a land dweller has; computer, internet, tv (no cable, haven’t had that in over a decade), stove, microwave, sink, fridge, queen sized bed, couch, table, sewing machine (yup), bathroom, shower (needs to be repaired) and so on.  I actually have a bit more since I am allowed to use the hotel amenities…score!!  Vending machines, gift shop, tennis courts…oh, and the pool.

I do feel very overwhelmed at times.  I didn’t grow up around boats…or sailing, or even near a nice body of water.  I had to drive an hour to get to the jersey shore, and that was just a day trip or weekend adventure.  My lack of knowledge of boating makes me feel like I’m damaging the boat.  Having just spent almost $5k to rebuild an engine I hope not…  I’ve bought a few books about electrical systems, and how my engines work.  A lot of that seems like a foreign language, or I just get frustrated and don’t retain anything.  But I’m trying.  I’m learning, even if it’s a little at a time.  For example, I now know that a stern drive boat doesn’t have a rudder.  I also know how sacrificial anodes work.  Which reminds me…ahhh, always something to do!!

The short story is that I live on a boat which I own (as soon as the bank says so) and I’m not dumping money into a rental.  I’m learning a little every day.  I’m spending quite a good bit of money, which I hope will benefit the functionality of the boat.  I can move a hell of a lot easier than anyone else I know.  I’m in San Diego, on the water, across from the beach (and an ice cream shop).  And I am looking forward to all of the adventures ahead!

Here are some recent photos:


my anodes…


the funky shaped v-berth


this is my lovely pathway to the marina


a photo off the bow during one of the storms


maiden voyage! not the best placement for the surfboards


my awesome touchscreen. 3 miles out for the christening

IMG_3780 (Edited)

yes drinking and driving is bad, but it was for the maiden voyage/renaming toast


the new name! in star wars lettering

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you at sea!


I’m afraid of my boat….

Not exactly afraid “of” the boat.  I’m more terrified by the fact that I have no idea of how boats work.  I’m fairly certain that every noise is a direct result of my nautical ignorance which will immediately result in the boat meeting her demise.  As I settle into bed I hear something kick on.  Do I look?  What exactly am I looking for?  And what on earth do I do if it looks “wrong”??  Who do I call?  (Ghostbusters, clearly)

I think I’ve identified one noise as the fridge just kicking on to cool itself.  Is it kicking on too often?  Do I have it set right?  Am I using too much power?  How much power is too much?  And why is that light on that box over there red?

I know it’s hard to believe, but on land I’m actually a fully functional adult.  Seriously!  I can dress myself, turn lights on and off, make and eat a sandwich, open and close an umbrella…I can even hold down a job!  Yay me!  I have an obscene amount of things to learn about the boat.  With every sound I hear as I try to fall asleep I can’t help but have the feeling that I may wake up a few feet lower in the bay.  Just keep floating!

The toilet flushing is one of the most unsettling sounds I’ve heard.  It’s like a chainsaw got stuck in some huge tree and is trying to break free.  Then the water pump…or at least what I think is the water pump.  I’m crippled with the fear that I’m doing everything wrong and slowly destroying the boat.

One day at a time…keep on floating…

See you at sea…I hope…