I totally forgot to mention Catalina!!!

Right after I looked at the Eagles Nest sailboat and put in an offer, Brent and I went to Catalina Island for his birthday.  This was our second time there.  We both love this place!

You need to take either a ferry or helicopter to get there.  If you leave the mainland on your birthday, the ferry ride is free!  They give you a blue birthday ribbon and a print out of special deals you can get on your birthday.  Last year we went on my birthday.  I thought it was hilarious because everyone wishes you a happy birthday as soon as they see the little ribbon.

We stopped at Dennys before boarding the ferry…Brent has this odd obsession with Dennys; which is also free on your birthday.  Then we were off to Dana Landing to get on the boat.  Next year I hope to sail to Catalina, but one thing at a time.  We took the 9:45am boat, and despite getting there super early got on board about 10 minutes before it left the dock.  If you go, keep in mind that you have to wait in line to get your tickets and pay for your parking…you then go to the parking lady to get your display ticket…then drive to long term parking…then take a shuttle back.  That whole process could potentially take an hour, and the boat will not wait!

The boat ride is about an hour and twenty minutes.  You can sit upstiars, in the boat, or sit on either side of the bow area, but not all the way up front.  The island slowly becomes visible, and then the tiny port town of Avalon.  It’s bright and colorful, the homes and businesses are built neatly into the cliffs which surround the harbor.  Boats on moorings line the water almost up to shore, which is full of sunbathers and swimmers.

After we disembarked it was time for an early lunch.  We had all of our luggage so we didn’t wander too far!  Since Catalina is rather expensive, we always choose to camp.  We take a taxi a mile to the campground, and then for the remainder of our trip we take the Garibaldi…an electric bus which replaced the old trolley.  The bus costs a dollar each way, and sometimes it has “free days”.  Before arriving at the campground we stopped at the Von’s (grocery store) to get a few supplies.  Ok, to get beer.  This is where you see all of the golf carts belonging to the locals…it’s very difficult to have a car, so everyone has golf carts.  The city only allows a certain amount of autos, and it’s extremely expensive to have one even if you get permission.


We set up our little camp and were ready to go!  The site is called Hermit Gulch, and as they tell you…there are critters!  Deer, hungry birds and foxes.





Our favorite part is the snorkeling, and this time was better than the last!  We dove at the casino last year.  This year, the bus driver and bus riders told us about “Lovers Cove”.   Holy moly!  There were so many fish!!  And the water wasn’t as cold.  As we walked our short 5 minute walk from the dock drop off we saw a huge amount of people in the water.  The second we got to the steps to the water an older gentleman blew a whistle and started to get everyone out of the water.  Turns out is was a class.  We got there just at the right time.  We swam around with my little fake GoPro…my FauxPro.  Then, a lady in the water holding a gatorade bottle full of peas asked if I wanted some…  Oh my good golly!!  FISH LOVE PEAS!!!  They went nuts to get these things.  So the next two days we went to the cove we brought our own peas.  It’s crazy!  The fish will bounce off of your, bite your bathing suit…then they follow you for a little while hoping you have more.  We were laughing like little kids…we had so much fun!


















Our other favorite thing to do is “app-hop”, and not in the millennial sense.  Since we travel on a budget we don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on dinner.  So we just grab a beer and a snack at all the different restaurants and bars.  We get to see more that way, and try not to spend as much.  We finally made it in to Luaa Larry’s!!  It was packed, and we were only there at lunch time!!




Back at the campsite we made dinner…and had some unexpected guests….





This year we also made it south of the main part of town to a restaurant called “Buffalo Nickel”.  We walked over after one of our snorkeling adventures.  It was great, hardly any tourists (except us, haha), and we got to watch the helicopter take off and land.  The restaurant serves bison/buffalo…and buckets of beer!


As with most vacations…ours ended with a morning Tecate.   Can’t wait to go back!



Amazon?  eBay? Etsy??  

Or should I put it more simply:  how the hell am I going to sell all of these yarn things??  I’ve gotten a couple of likes on etsy, but no purchases…wah waaaaaah.

I have a secret to tell…I’ve become a crochet addict!  I can’t stop making things, it’s so fun for me!  I started crocheting with the hopes of selling the items to generate money for the boat I plan to buy.  Right now I just have a bedroom slowly becoming engulfed in yarn.  If you’re ever in the need of yarn, I recommend swinging by Joanns Fabrics…they’re coupons and deals are sweet!

In other news…my roommate is the chief of medicine at a veterinary chain in the area.  One of her practice managers has been let go, which translates to the position that I applied to a year ago opening up again.  Yes, I’m being an opportunist.  My roommate recommended me for the job last year, but they went in a different direction.  Since it’s a chain or corporation, they have a bunch of locations here, and some other practice managers have left.  My roommate put in a good word, so I very much hope to get an interview.  I’d love to work with animals again.  I was a vet tech in Princeton, NJ a long time ago.  It was a great job, but I ended up moving downtown to Philadelphia for art school and had to leave.  So we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll get a “real” job after all.  Most of me is so exhausted from restaurant work both physically and emotionally I can’t leave fast enough.  But part of me is afraid of the potential change.  I’ve never worked 9-5.  Never been on salary.   I’m enjoying my days free to work on projects or spending time at the beach…. I mean, I do live in San Diego, CA.  

And another thing.  My boyfriend is having some health issues.  A few years ago he had a bad breakup and began drinking to get over a broken heart.  Since then, he’s drank almost every day.  Since we’ve been dating he’s been working on stopping.  But due to his excessive drinking his body is dependent on the alcohol.  He doesn’t have health insurance, and he’s been trying to get obamacare but that’s been a joke.  He’s had little to no sleep for a couple of months which result in him trying to catch up on sleep all day until it’s time for work.  He’s also been getting sick and not eating much.  I brought him soup today and his hands were shaking so badly he couldn’t use the spoon.  I’ve been staying at my house so he has quiet and can try to sleep.  I’m afraid that he’s going to have a seizure or have done so much damage to his body that he won’t recover.  He used to get up early every day, cook breakfast, play guitar or piano, work in the garden, go surfing or spearfishing…basically he was the opposite of what’s going on now.   He’s been supportive of the whole boat idea and pretty much anything I’ve talked about doing.  I feel worried not being with him, but then if I’m there it’d be counterproductive since I’d most likely wake him up over and over.  

I’m still hoping to get my boat and make it my little craft world.  I’d also like to get another little buddy, dog or cat…or both!

Here are a couple of pics of my recent creations and attempted creations..

Hope you’re all well!! 


Hello from sunny San Di….nope not today, hi from the couch.

Well, El Niño has arrived.  We have about two weeks of rain coming through Southern California, and snow in the mountains, yikes!  Didn’t I drive 3000 miles to escape all of this??  It’s actually great for this area, since we’re in a severe drought.  The garden will be so happy!

My RV vs Sailboat right away dilemma may have been decided for me.  My boyfriends landlord has put his friends fishing boat in the backyard where the RV would go. And the boat is WAY bigger than what Brent had agreed to.  And it’s plugged in to the house electric supply.  Most likely this situation won’t go well,  so the thought of the boat being booted and me tying to just shimmy on in with a motorhome probably won’t jive too well.  That’s fine.  I’m now full steam ahead for the sailboat.  

There’s some sort of paradox going on in the yard; my decision to get an RV to save for a sailboat was nixed by a boat where the RV would go.  My brain hurts…

Also, I had an interview in La Jolla today at a soon to be Italian restaurant.  The interior is being finished now, and they will send out emails in two weeks to alert the staff of when it will all start rolling.  I think I got the job, which I will try to split with my current job.  I’d rather work two jobs like a maniac to save boat money, then cut back to one full time when I decide which is best.  The neighborhood La Jolla is a place I’d heard of years prior to even thinking of moving.  Let’s just say that a Bentley convertible is kind of Ho-hum up there.  So me and my noisy 2006 mustang don’t turn many heads, haha.  It’s beautiful up there, and chock full of the rich people…which is great for business! 

More to come soon, but in the meantime here’s a photo from the couch…brrrr!