Tis the season…for my shifts to get cut, argh!!!

As I trudge onward with “Operation get a sailboat”, my place of employment hit an all time low for guests both staying at the hotel and coming in to dine at the restaurant.  As an old friend would say in times of financial distress, “this too shall pass”.

I’m sure it will, and my bills are all paid on time, so I’m not in panic mode.  BUT!  I’m trying so hard to make this sailboat home a reality and a slowdown of potential savings for a boat is killing me.

And now that my little buddy has moved onto the big farm in the sky full of pizza crusts and frisbees, I’m even more in full steam ahead mode.  I fully intend to get another dog once I’ve settled into the sea life.  Maybe a little Scottie?  Oh look, the cart is way up there in front of the horse again…my bad.

My days off (which are a plenty) are spent crafting creations, building my squarespace website to sell said creations and fill out time consuming, extensive applications online for job positions which have yet to contact me for an interview.

I have created a new Instagram account called Off_the_Boat.  And if I copied the link correctly this will take you to it:  https://www.instagram.com/off_the_boat/

Here’s one of my creations



That’s all, just a quick update today.  Hope is off in the distance, behind the low checking account balance and vastly open work schedule.


See you all soon, and happy sailing!!!






I make stuff too…

I recently started a free sewing class in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego with my friend @whatemilymade.  It’s fun!  I like to make little creations but I don’t have any technical skills or know how of operating a sewing machine…so I’m learning, yay!

I’ve been trying to make little purses, by hand at first, then the one with the skull and crossbones and anchors was done on the sewing machine. I’d really like to just live on a sailboat and sell my little creations. Yup, I’m a girl, haha. And since I am very rational and put the cart before the horse (always), I already have a name for it…but I’ll refrain from totally getting ahead of myself.  Here are some photos of the purses and the bag for my sewing supplies. They are all lined and the purses have little sewn in slots in the lining for earbuds, phone, charger cable, etc.  And the green yellow flowery one is supposed to look li,e a skirt.  Let me know what you think!