Hi there!  I’m Eileen and I’m planning to live on a sailboat; so that’s why I named my little blog “Eiboat”.   Get it?  Yeah, I’m a dork.  Anyway, I’ve been looking into this for the past few months and found that resources are few and far between; at least for a person with zero knowledge of the boating world.  I thought I’d document my journey from land to sea…well, most likely the bay.

I live in San Diego, CA, but I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA.  Until my basic sailing class, I had never been on a moving sailboat.  There’s something charming and challenging about being a liveaboard that appeals to me, much more than the thought of owning a house.  I also like the idea of tiny living, which seems to be a movement these days.  And if things ever get bad I can just sail away…


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    • Hi!
      I haven’t even heard of thanks so much for the help! I’ll head on over and check it out now. How’s the weather out there? I think it was raining a ton up in Philadelphia, not sure if you guys got it too. They predicted thunderstorms here…I counted 3 drops on my windshield…haha.

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      • We have rain today so no sailing. Summer is coming to an end and I want to get in all the sailing that we can- I really need the practice!
        I foresee us bundled up on the boat in the fall with the wind whipping around up thinking we’re having a great time because we’re under sail but actually we’re just freezing hahaha!

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      • I would really like to have a chilly fall day on the boat…when I get one. I suppose I’ll have to sail north a bit. But knowing me I’d like that for a day then scamper back to good ol 75-80 degrees and sunny San Diego. I’m such a wuss. There’s something that seems so charming about having a cup of coffee on the boat with a chill in the air. Ah, it’s only a dream now, but hopefully soon!


  1. Good luck with your plans!
    You might also like to join the Women Who Sail Facebook group. You can learn lots from the lovely network of ladies who sail and live aboard.
    I look forward to following your adventures.


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